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Join our Arbroath smokie club and receive your favourite smokies mailed to you by first class post, one pair a month for 6 or 12 months.

Why not treat a friend or loved one? We will send a gift note with the first delivery. Or just treat yourself to some healthy fish every month.

An Arbroath Smokie is haddock which has been smoked following traditional methods which have changed very little since the late 1800’s. The haddock are tied in pairs on a stick after being salted to draw out excessive moisture. The sticks are then hung over a smoke pit and traditionally these are covered with damp hessian or ‘cloots’ to allow the fire to breathe yet retain the smoke in the pit.


Haddock (MELANOGRAMMUS AEGLEFINUS), Salt, Natural Wood Smoke.



Nutritional Information

 As a guide we recomend that this product provides Per 100g
Energy 704kJ/168kcal


of which saturates




of which sugars



Protein 24.7g
Salt 2.53g

Keep refrigerated until date shown on pack. Suitable to freeze for upto 12 months.

Arbroath Smokies are ready to eat and are fantastic warm or cold. If you would like to heat them through, place under a hot grill for a couple of minutes and serve with a knob of butter and a twist of pepper.