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A selection of our favourite smoked seafood products from The Port Of Lancaster Smokehouse.

For more information on specific products please find the product on the slider above. Some products may not be on the slider as they are not listed on this website

1 x Smoked Scottish Salmon 200g

1 x Smoked Skinless Trout Fillets 150g

1 x Smoked Haddock

1 x Smoked Shell on prawns

1 x Smoked Mussels 180g

1 x Peppered Smoked Mackerel Fillets 140g

1 x Herb & Garlic Smoked Mackerel Fillets 140g

1 x Smoked Fish Platter 150g

1 x Salmon & Dill Pate 180g

All Ocean Harvest Hampers are packed in Port Of Lancaster Gift Boxes, packed with ice gel packs, tissue paper & wood wool. The above weights are minimum weights and in most cases the weights will be higher than the weights shown.

All products are suitable for freezing with exception of the Salmon Pate.

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