• Smoked Mussels

Smoked Mussels

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Gently smoked over blended oak and beech wood, these full bodied mussels come ready to eat. Simply serve with fresh crusty bread and a side salad for a delicious starter.


Why not serve the smoked mussels with our Smoked Shell On Prawns for a smoked fish platter.



New Zealand Mussel Meat, Natural Oak Wood Smoke



The Smoked Mussels will be delivered fresh & vacuum sealed.


Keep Refrigerated


Suitable For Home Freezing

Serves 8    Prep 30 mins     Cook 45 mins (plus chilling time)


140g butter

225g plain flour

50g freshly grated Parmesan

1 medium egg, beaten with 1 tbsp milk


2 tbsp olive oil

1 red onion, finely chopped

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

100g dry cure streaky bacon or pancetta, cubed

4 medium eggs

284ml pot whipping or double cream

3 tbsp snipped chives

600g frozen cooked shelled smoked mussels, thawed and drained

200g ripe brie, rind removed and cubed

1    Rub the butter, flour and Parmesan together in a bowl until the mixture has the consistency of fine bredcrumbs.  Add the egg mix and quickly bring it all together into a dough.  Knead lightly a few times with floured hands until smooth.  Shape into a flat ball, cover in cling film and chill for atleast 1 hour

2    Heat oven to 200C/fan 180/Gas 6.  Roll the pastry out to the thickness of a £1 coin and line eight 10cm x 3cm tartlet tins.  Fill with greaseproof paper and baking beans, and bake for 7-10 mins until the pastry feels dry. Remove beans and paper, then bake for 2-3 mins, until lightly golden.  Leave to cool

3    Reduce oven to 180C/fan 160C/Gas 4.  Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and fry the onion for 3 mins until softened, but not coloured.  Add the garlic and bacon, and cook for 2-3 mins.  Allow to cool slightly.  Meanwhile, whisk the eggs and cream with the chives, then fold in the onion, bacon & mussels.  Season to taste. Set the cases on a baking sheet. Spoon the mix in and scatter the brie over the top, pushing into the mix here and there.  Bake for 12-15 mins until the filling is just firm and golden.

Recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food

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