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Ripened using traditional methods, the Somerset Brie has a superior creamy taste and rich consistency. The Somerset brie is lightly smoked over Oak & Beech Woods to add a delicous depth to the product. 


The cheese's aroma suggests mushrooms with a hint of green grass. It is a mild, fresh cheese with an edible rind and used as an ingredient in salads, sandwiches or paired with a fruit like apple or cherry.


Smoked Somerset Brie is suitable for vegetarians.


Cows Milk, Skimmed Milk, Salt, Starter Culture, Coagulant, Yeast Cultures, Mould Cultures



This unctuous yet simple dish is a great and easy appertiser for dinner parties or a lunchtime treat.


320g sheet frozen puff pastry

227g smoked brie

2-3 tsps melted butter

1/2 340g jar Cottage Delight Mango & Habanero Jam

113g flaked almonds


Preheat the oven to 190C/Fan 170C/Gas 5.

Unfold the puff pastry sheet and place the brie in the centre

Top the brie generously with the Cottage Delight Mango & Habanero Jam and spread evenly (almost to the edges of the brie), then sprinkle the flaked almonds over it

Fold the puff pastry over the toppings and squeeze the edges together in the centre

Brush the sides and top with beaten egg then place on a baking sheet lined with foil and bake for 20 minutes or until the pastry is cooked through and golden brown

Allow to rest for 2-3 minutes before serving with crackers and fresh fruit

Preparation time: 10 minutes                 Cooking Time: 20 minutes                              

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