Luxury Caramel Sauce

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A creamy caramel sauce that can be used as a decadent sweet spread or to create luxury sauces and desserts.

Made in France with full fat milk, this Dulce de Leche is delicious with meringues and ice cream, as well as in banoffee pie and millionaire's shortbread.

Try stirring Dulce de Leche in to hot chocolate or coffee as well as blending as a luxury milkshake or frappucino

Place 240g Cottage Delight Dulce de Leche in a large bowl.

Dissolve 1 tbsp instant coffee in 1 tbsp boiling water, then mix into the Dulce de Leche with 1tsp vanilla extract and 200ml  brandy until smooth.

Stir in 200ml single cream until well mixed then add a further 200ml single cream.

Pour into a sterilised bottle/s and this will keep in the fridge for two weeks.

Serve over ice.


Whip 300ml double cream until soft peaks form.

Spoon in 120g Cottage Delight Dulce de Leche slowly to form a swirling effect

Pour into a freezer proof container with lid and freeze overnight

Try serving with chopped nuts, chocolate chips or honeycomb......the options are endless!!

Slice one large banana and place a slice in the base of 12 ready baked mini sweet pastry tartlets.  Spoon 1 tsp of Cottage Delight Dulce de Leche into each of the cases, covering the banana slice.

Whip 200ml double cream until it lightly holds its shape and spoon 1 tsp of the whipped cream onto the top of each tartlet.

Crumble a honeycomb chocolate bar into very small pieces and sprinkle across each tarlet.  Or try alternative toppings such as lightly toasted mixed nuts.


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