Our Smoking Process

At Port of Lancaster Smokehouse we smoke a range of items some of which are listed below. We also offer a smoking service where customers can bring in their own items for smoking.

We use only the freshest haddock from the Western Isles of Scotland to create our naturally smoked haddock. We gently brine the fillets and subtly smoke them over oak wood smoke for up to four days at a time to give it a delicate smokey flavour. Our method has been used over the past twenty five years, without using additives or preservatives, giving a real taste of the past.
Eels are cold smoked by way of hanging them whole for two days in traditional oak wood smoke boxes, before being cooked. Keeping the eels whole & in this position helps to keep the structure of the eels which improves the texture and assists us when we skin them.
Our traditionally dry cured backs of English bacon are cold smoked on wire racks in traditional smoke boxes over Oak and Beech wood smoke for at least four days without adding any other additives. Whether grilled or fried our bacon is full of flavour, not water, which is how bacon should taste.
Black Puddings
Our famously good quality black puddings are smoked on wire racks for on average two days, using a blend of Oak and Beech wood smoke.
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